Curtis Speer

Six years in the photography industry where he was able to train his eye from seeing three dimensionally to see in two dimensions much like a camera. As a stylist, setting up the room for shooting or sometimes even a smaller set for jewelry, Curtis learned what it meant to change his perspective. This would later translate to other areas of his life. He has gone back to the basics of shooting that which is not staged nor digitally enhanced excessively. One might even describe his work as being raw in it's truest form. He captures human emotion in everything he sees from people laughing to the interiors of abandoned buildings and houses where things have been long forgotten. His use of natural light plays an important role in his images as they evoke emotion through the eyes of the viewer.

Photographs can be printed in the following sizes: 20" x 24", 22"x 26", 24" x 36”, 30" x 40" and 36" x 60"